Fresh look at our approach to our library users

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    I’ve had a copy of this article floating around on my credenza for a while–I can thank a colleague for recommending it even before I had perused the issue. “How I Learned to Love Patrons Again,” by Matt Smith of the Kalamazoo MI Pubic Library is will inspire us to follow his lead in turning away from what he calls “patron bashing.”

    We provide outstanding customer service almost all the time; and library supervisors and staff study good customer service, read about it, watch webinars and attend training, and really work to make sure that our users have wonderful experiences when they visit our libraries. However, this article made me think carefully about how what we say behind the scenes, the “crazy” stories we tell about the library, and how we dwell on problems affect our attitudes toward library users and staff.

    Matt Smith talks about how we become mired in “patron bashing” and how he worked himself out of it by understanding negativity in a new way. Read the article and let us know what you think. I’m trying to work myself out of it, too.

    read article here

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