Webinar Recording: Dealing with Angry Patron Behaviors with Andrew Sanderbeck

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Date(s) - 12/13/2017
10:00 am CDT - 11:00 am CDT

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Oh, yes…they’re out there and they’re coming to your library. Angry, nasty, and even downright unreasonable customers on a mission to tell and show you how they feel. Their behaviors really are difficult!

The good news is that you can choose to not let them drag you down or ruin your day. And by using a few proven techniques and questions, some of these angry customers could actually leave feeling better!

The Dealing with Angry Patron Behaviors webinar is an interactive program filled with practical and useful information that you’ll be using to more effectively handle your angry customers the next time they are in front of you.

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • Using the E+R=O technique to reduce stress and improve their response to situations they can or cannot control.
  • 3 powerful techniques for not “eating the angry customer’s poison” and not taking things personally.
  • Specific phrases to use with customers that help keep emotions under control.

Andrew Sanderbeck is a recognized expert presenter, coach, and consultant for libraries on customer service, communication skills, change management, relationship building, and management and leadership. He has presented at ALA, PLA, and at many state and regional library conferences, as well as international conferences. Andrew is the founder of PCI Webinars, a webinar company that produces 100 programs each year for library organizations. He is the author of two books, The Power of Asking for What You Want and The ABCs of Positive Living.

Competency Index for the Library Field: Essential Library Competencies

Skill Level: Introduction & Beyond Basic

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Current Attendees

  • Michelle Ray
  • Mark Baumgarten
  • Mary Kuipers
  • JK Newsome
  • Heather Ellis
  • Ursula Juarez-Wall
  • Karen Garcia
  • Pamela McDaniel
  • Denise Eberhart-Kaiser
  • Stephen Bryan
  • Anna Florence
  • Chrissy Coutts
  • Cheryl Rogers
  • Anita Libby
  • Jesse Rushing
  • Beulah Harrison
  • Gina Somasundaram
  • Charlotte Barnes
  • Amy Tipler
  • Edith King
  • Jean McCarthy
  • Esther Hurwitz
  • Sally Witter
  • Alden Hutchison
  • Sandy Nearbin
  • Sindhu Gopal
  • Stephanie Moore
  • Ann Jenkins
  • Sharon Jones
  • Heather Nitzel
  • Stacy Alesi
  • Meghan Hoffman
  • Christina Wells
  • April Troyer
  • Justin White
  • Kristina Pasley
  • Claudia Procko
  • Bethany Stone
  • Meredith Kambic
  • Melissa Mercer
  • Adriana Topel
  • Sharhonda Williams
  • Jules Bailey
  • Kristina Holt
  • Jeremiah Paddock
  • Jeannie Taylor
  • Sandra Pierce
  • Tom Wilcox
  • Jaime Goldman
  • Katie Anderson
  • Jennifer Huss
  • Yim Chan
  • Michelle Quigley
  • Brenda Hilton
  • Linda McKenna
  • Sam Hudson
  • Sheria Greene
  • Beth Noll
  • Stephanie Catlyn
  • Steven Pierre-Louis
  • Charleen Bryson
  • Sharon Gurrera
  • Rebecca Petty
  • Justin Prather
  • Vera Banfield
  • Tami Harris
  • Jennifer Robinson
  • Melanie Browning
  • Sara Nelson
  • Chris Dueno
  • Rita Corker
  • Alicia Fremont
  • Amy An
  • Jennifer Yannuzzi
  • Carol Hoots
  • Karen Cook
  • Eleanor Speirs Baron
  • Aparajita Ghosh
  • Judie Cooper
  • Terry Rogers
  • Rick Morgan
  • Cindy Dorfeld Bruckman
  • Kathleen Fawcett
  • Claudia Torres
  • Megan McElroy
  • George Ellenberg
  • Ewan Camal
  • Ralph Herbst
  • Alicia Luguri
  • Tara North
  • Josh McEnany
  • Caroline Williams
  • Jessica Bayne
  • Shirdellah Groulx
  • Ryan Reid
  • Janice Adams
  • Jess Bolton
  • Rosemary Whatley
  • Emily Sewell
  • Rachel Nicholas
  • Teressa Fraser
  • Sandy Kump
  • b f
  • Bobbi Knight
  • Tracy Pigott
  • Christina Gasull
  • Stephen Efird
  • matthew robison
  • Ciara Hensley
  • Kevin Douglas

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