Webinar: 10 Ways to More Effectively Assert Yourself in the Workplace with Andrew Sanderbeck (Live)

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Date(s) - 05/16/2018
10:00 am CDT - 11:00 am CDT

Clip art of woman looking at phone with technology swirling in the backgroundMany people find it intimidating to have to share an idea or to “speak up” about something to a colleague, peer, or higher up. And being seen by others as someone who is more passive, introverted, and quiet probably doesn’t help.

Fortunately, having a more assertive voice and presence doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. To be more assertive, you will need to change a few of your behaviors by learning and practicing some new skills. And that’s where this interactive and informative program will help!

Attendees will learn:

  • The difference between passive, assertive, and aggressive behaviors and when it’s appropriate to use each of them
  • Techniques to use to speak more assertively, including your non-verbal language
  • How to stand up for yourself without being viewed as selfish, demanding, or even hostile
  • To be more confident in themselves, their beliefs, and their abilities

Andrew Sanderbeck is a recognized expert presenter, coach, and consultant for libraries on customer service, communication skills, change management, relationship building, and management and leadership. He has presented at ALA, PLA, and at many state and regional library conferences, as well as international conferences. Andrew is the founder of PCI Webinars, a webinar company that produces 100 programs each year for library organizations. He is the author of two books, The Power of Asking for What You Want and The ABCs of Positive Living.

Competency Index for the Library Field: Library Management Competencies

Skill Level: Introduction & Beyond Basic

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Current Attendees

  • Susanna Gaston
  • Leysa Faber
  • Avia Valencia
  • Ariel Carmichael
  • Kathleen Flynn
  • Joyce Keys
  • Louise Gestwicki
  • Vena Paylo
  • Gloria Woody
  • Matt Burrell
  • John Shaffett
  • Ken Frankel
  • Kathleen Halm
  • Debra Martin
  • JK Newsome
  • Suzanne Odom
  • Wendi Davis
  • Sally Mason
  • Andrea Dufault
  • Susan Crutchfield
  • Jaime Goldman
  • Alice Fritze
  • Cheri Ellison
  • Michelle Monteleon
  • Sheria Greene
  • Erin Hollingsworth
  • Dania Soriano
  • Christopher Crenshaw
  • Melissa Mercer
  • Francie Devine
  • Jessca Barmon
  • Gloria Curry
  • Sarah Shaw

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