2017 PLAN Annual Meeting

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Date(s) - 10/27/2017
9:00 am CDT - 3:00 pm CDT

Niceville Community Center

Keynote: Big Data and Smart Software with Mickey Boyd

Mickey Boyd will present a compelling narrative that will demystify the Big Data buzzphrase.  The keynote will cover data analysis, cognitive software, predictive search, and other topics germane to Big Data.

Humanity is generating digital data at an ever growing rate.  Concurrent with this growth is the advancement of computing power and the science of large scale data analysis.  Our ability to pick out useful correlations within the vast ocean of digital data improves every day, and will have an ever increasing effect on our day to day experiences.  Cognitive software services like Apple Siri, Google Now, and Amazon Alexa will evolve into ever more competent personal assistants, providing just-in-time information to help us navigate our lives.

Big data and smart software will dramatically affect all types of service delivery.  Technologies are under development that will predict what customers are most likely to want, then offer individualized assistance and incentives to steer each customer toward completed transactions.  If properly applied such products could greatly enhance library patron experience.

Amazing data-driven technologies are going to touch all areas of our lives, solving many problems while creating others.  Those attending will leave the session with powerful ideas on how advanced data techniques and clever software will impact our libraries and our livelihood.

Mickey Boyd has been a technology trainer in Florida for many years. Library staff know him for his workshops on emerging technologies, information security, and managing public access to the Internet.


Current Attendees

  • James Betsill
  • Tabitha Washington
  • Mary Balint
  • Renae Rountree
  • Kaycee Shiley
  • Sheila Ortyl
  • Marlene Bosak
  • Anika Crayon
  • Lillie Ealum
  • Debbie Lamb
  • Heather Ogilvie
  • Jacquelyn Wilson
  • Cay Hohmeister
  • Anna Florence
  • Mike Thorpe
  • Matt Burrell
  • Dorothee Bennett
  • Lori Driscoll
  • Zedra Hawkins
  • Kellie Sparks
  • Jenni McKnight
  • Lora Glass
  • Melissa Mercer
  • Pat Gilleland
  • Natasha Godwin
  • Laura Moree
  • Marie Heath
  • Emily Ruff
  • Dan Schoonover
  • Susan S. Liang
  • M Jean Williams Adams
  • Brenda Wright
  • Hillary Fox
  • Paul Clark
  • LisaMarie Bartusik
  • Megan Fontaine
  • Lee Luton
  • Sheila Bishop
  • Hope Willis
  • Tony Shipley
  • Robin Shader
  • Christi Rountree
  • Jonathan McCaughan
  • Marian Deeney
  • Mickey Boyd
  • Kimberly Ball
  • Susan Harris
  • Lisa Bell
  • Dan Owens
  • Todd Humble

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