Support for Prison Inmates

prison_readingPLAN has a new program to support the educational needs of the inmates at the Santa Rosa County Correctional Institute. This very needy and under-served population has extremely limited access to resources to support their transitioning and return to the outside community. PLAN is asking its member libraries to donate education-related books weeded from your collections or not in use at your library.

What Your Library Can Do:
Specifically, your library can donate appropriate books, and possibly other educational materials (like classes on disk), to support the inmates in preparing for the GED test and for improving readings skills and their knowledge of other subjects. The subject areas that the donated books will support include:

Social studies
English (grammar, spelling, literature, etc.)
Writing Reference works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.)
Textbooks for grades 6-12
Worksheets and drills for all subjects
GED practice books
Curriculum books (e.g. those for home schooling)
Older editions of the GED books and training materials

This effort will be ongoing. We are hoping that our libraries will support this effort over time, donating appropriate books and materials as they become available the next few years.

How to Donate Books & Materials:
Donated educational materials should be sent to Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative. Vicky Stever has generously agreed to receive and store the donated materials until they can be delivered to Santa Rosa Correctional Institution. We are planning for quarterly deliveries to the prison.

To send your donations, you may use the Statewide Library Delivery Service to the “Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative – Niceville Library.” If you have a significant amount of books to send, please send them gradually rather than overtaxing the DLLI system. The Delivery Service label should read:

Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative – Niceville Library
206 North Partin Drive
Niceville, FL 32578
Route To: Vicky Stever

Alternatively, you may deliver donations to the Niceville Library at the address above or make arrangements with Vicky to transport donations from PLAN events.

For more information, please contact:

Charles Mayberry at 850-233-9051 or
Vicky Stever at 850-609-5102 or

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